Looks as though cryptos remain relatively unchanged this weekend. We still target a 1% gain per month with the cryptos. Protecting capital is job #1. We don’t roll dice thinking we know where any of them are going to end up. You can be assured that not all will be around in a few years and a lot of capital will just evaporate. Many new investors are keen to try and emulate their idols in the crypto markets only to be standing there holding the bag. I have many friends that make money at times trading cryptos, but many are hoping for the 100k mark to materialize so they can pay off the debt that has been eating away at their potential unrealized future gains. There will be many that find themselves overleveraged and below water for longer periods than anticipated and can cause them to liquidate prematurely once the rates start moving again. We will continue to stay small and take advantage of the volatility. We trade others such as XTZ, EOS, NMR, DOGE. Spread your money out…

As of 8/21/2021,

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