Winning system

Here’s what the winning system looks like…
1. Market going up, selling stock and taking profit, and making dividends.
2. Market doing nothing, making dividends.
3. Market going down, buying more stock making more dividends.
4. Don’t lose money…
The simple fact is, if your money is working for you, you are not working for money. Take the time to relax and see if the amount of time you are spending trading is actually outpacing what you could be making just letting your money grow with smarter strategies.
There is so much hype out about making the “killer” trade that everyone wants to hit, sounds more like the lottery commercials, and in reality, your chances are just as good but everyone continues to throw money away in the hopes of becoming the next millionaire.
Take probabilities over possibilities and you will be handsomely rewarded.
It’s all in how you manage that money and balance your risk.

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