I have set up an account with Discord to answer some questions directly with regards to scans, strategies, general inquiries, and if you just want someone to help you with the process. https://discord.gg/KBdeEdKvzS. (permanent link) I will try and have it up if I can remember during market hours. 9am – 10am and 3:30 pm – close EST.

Most days are slow in the market and everyone thinks you have got to be making trades from the get-go. Most inexperienced investors fall into this trap. Forcing trades is another term for FOMO. Ideally, your strategy should be one that has the entry and exits already spelled out in your plan even before you place the trade.

Take the free course and learn the proper way to invest without guessing. The best defense becomes your best tool for managing your money no matter which size account you possess. It’s all about scale. If you are trying to place trades that are not in line with your account size, it puts your account at a disadvantage. Learn how to trade small before you increase the size of your positions based on a sound risk profile. Remember we want to grow money, not gamble.

I’m out.

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