Crypto and stocks

Well, they started pumping hard yesterday. When you have a plan of attack and specific profit targets you can easily spot when the big players are moving in and out. Don’t follow the hype stick to your rules. Gonna be hard to hit that 1% profit on the three accounts we show for educational purposes but we have the flexibility to take profits early on those special CEF’s that are ITM. Like I said before as long as you follow the rules, profit-taking is one of them, but don’t go off of emotion or a gut feeling. You have a target amount you want every month, so make it happen. If I’m within .1% I do nothing, otherwise, I wait as long as possible then pull the trigger. We can see by following the dividends made and the trading profits made that the market has stalled out. The dividends will increase for a short time in a reversal, then they will start to double as the DCA starts to go into full effect. As the market continues to slide it will clear that you will be able to make that one percent easier than before and depending on the speed of the drop will increase rapidly. I’m in it for the long haul, meaning I don’t sell anything, which means I can let my money grow without doing much. It’s gonna happen but when is anyone’s guess. Good luck!

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